Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey folks,

Hope you had a great break and were as restful or productive as you needed it to be.

So excited to talk about GLEE this week in class. Check out Kayla's Blog for links to the Pilot Episode. There are also links to Never Been Kissed (season 2, episode 6) and Furt (season 2, episode 8) on

But if you go to HULU you will not be able to watch them in full unless you join HuluPlus for a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL. (This is because these episodes are in the current season of the show.) Signing up will not cost you any money as long as you cancel your membership within a week. But it does require you to sign up with a credit card. It took me 3 minutes to do it. Literally.

If anyone found other sites, please post them as well.

Once you watch all three episodes, please post on your blog about them. Use the tools we have already developed in class including the three assumptions of the course, Raby's dominant discourses of youth, Grinner's SCWAAMP, or Christensen's "secret education" to talk about what this show teaches us about teenagers. I am not so interested in whether you like the show, or if it is realistic, or if you think "teenagers would never do that," etc. I want you to think abut how this show TEACHES US about what is "normal" about teenagers, and how it naturalizes certain ideas about who teenagers are.

Please use examples from Never Been Kissed and Furt in your post.

(I am going to focus class on issues of masculinity and sexuality, so you can put that in your brain as well.)

See ya on Tuesday!

LB :)

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  1. Just a warning that the buffering on the HULU site can be a little choppy depending on your internet connection. When it gets stuck just wait it out and it will resume. :(