Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Girls

Hi folks,

Per the syllabus, your texts for this week are three:

1) Tolman and Higgins, How Being a Good Girl an Be Bad for Girls

Read carefully and make sure that you can answer the title question. What do Tolman and Higgins say about the dangers of being a "good girl?"

2) Watch Alice in Wonderland (the recent Johnny Depp version -- this is where the Netflix part of the course expenses kicks in, though you can watch it anyway you can find it!)

Here I want you to think about how Alice resist the pull of good-girl-ness. How does she challenge the expections of being a young, white woman who follows the rules? And like we discussed during GLEE week, what happens to her in the end? is she punished for her efforts to resist? Is she rewarded for her rebellion?

3) Listen to the children's story called "Atalanta" from the Free to Be You and Me album (available on itunes for $.99).

This album was released in 1972 just in the heart of second wave feminism. What does it teach us about what it means to be a good girl and what costs are involved?

On you blog, connect these three texts in some way to explain Tolman and Higgins' claims and use Alice and Atalanta as examples.

See ya Tuesday!

LB :)


  1. Hi Dr. Bogad,
    I just want to clarify the assignment for this week, April 5th. My syllabus says it si "developing a Final Project" and for April 12th "Good Girls" and Learning to Kiss (Boys) at the Movies". Are you switching the two?
    Thank you.

  2. I don't know where the reading is...?