Saturday, April 2, 2011

OOOPPS!!! Final Project Week!

Hi all,

NOTE: Thanks to Diana for finding my brain... I totally skipped a week on the syllabus when I put my blog up on Thursday. Please postpone your Good Girl reading and watching for this week. Rather we will be working on Final Projects in class. (Sorry about any confusion!)

For your blog post this week, I want you to brainstorm about ideas that might be spinning around in your brain for a final project. For this last assignment, you need to choose some topic that relates directly to issues of Teenagers in/and the Media. It should be something about how teenagers are represented -- in other words, what the media teaches us about teenagers. Or it can be something about how teenagers represent themselves. (Think of GLEE week as an example of the type of thing you might take up on your own.)

Suggestions: You could look at teens and video game culture, teenage sexuality (how they learn about it in sex ed/media), the prom, the mall, teen magazines, teenagers and tattoo culture, teen representation on Degrassi (or any other show), reps of gay teens, teens and social class, pre-teen culture (tweens), etc etc.

These are just a few examples of things that interest me. But your project needs to interest you!

I am hoping that most of you will choose to do this in partners or groups. Though I won't force anyone to work on a topic they don't like so if you need to work alone, I will let you. You final project will be something digital (powerpoint, movie, pictures, etc), something written (not a full paper, just a handout or other materials to teach us what you have learned) and a presentation in class. Details in class on Tuesday...

So for your blog post, explore a few topics. Post pictures, links and write out your possible ideas. Do some research about the area you are interested in. Be as deep and through as you can and we will work for these posts in class on Tuesday!

See you then...

LB :)

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  1. this may be a silly question, but do we still have to follow the types of blogs (such as quotations, connections, etc) for this post?