Saturday, April 16, 2011

More on the domestic violence issues we talked about a few weeks ago...

We talked in class a few weeks ago about issues of violence, blame, culture and misogyny in relation to the Chris Brown/Rihanna assault. Then just last week, we talked about the constructions of boy culture and girl culture in our society, namely "boys will be boys" and "good girl-ness."

These two clips seemed to be appropriate fuel to our academic fire...

First, recent Chris Brown interview on Good Morning America ends with CB outraged, throwing a chair out of his dressing room window. He reports being very angry that people keep bringing up an incident that happened two years ago.

Then, a response that questions why Chris Brown is so angry and what historical burdens Black artists have faced.



  1. Professor,
    I really liked the last video that you posted. It was entertaining yet really poignant at the same time. I think it was really great to include with the other Chris Brown videos. Thanks!

  2. I don't understand the need for this person to relate Chris Brown's anger about his interview with GMA with crimes on black people. Chris Brown isnt playing the black card so why is he?

  3. So Chris Brown didn't get in trouble at all for it? Hmm... thats interesting...