Thursday, April 21, 2011

Presentation Schedule and such...

Looking forward to your final project presentations in class during the last two weeks of class. Each group will present for 10-15 minutes (the timer will go off at 15 to cut you off.) Remember that your project has two parts: the presentation and the blog post (refer to the handout with rubric that I handed out in class for specific instructions). I have high expectations for your blog post so make it rich, detailed, hyperlinked, imaged, creative, informative, engaging, resourceful, and insightful!!

Kayla has invited all of you to be authors on the Final Projects blog. If you haven't received an invitation and accepted it, you will not be able to post your final project so email Kayla is you need help!

Per our conversation in class last week, here is the schedule for the last two weeks of class.

Tuesday, April 26
4-4:30 Course evaluations
4:30-4:45 Diana's group
4:50-5:05 Blue & Melissa's group
5:10-5:25 Deirdre and Lexi's group
5:30-5:45 Jane's group
5:45-5:55 BREAK
5:55-6:10 Jess' group
6:15-6:30 Amanda's group
6:35-6:50 Ron's group

Tuesday, May 3
4:00-6:00 T-Pain Discussion (Student Union Ballroom)
6:15-6:30 Jasmine's group (back in the classroom)
6:35-6:50 Dante's group

Looking forward to it!!!

LB :)

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